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What makes people listen and respond?

It’s a marriage of the copy and the voiceover talent.

Here’s what clients want: No hassles. Fast turnaround. Proper interpretation of the mood of the piece. Ready to use audio, sent directly to their computer. Tweaks, edits and changes included when necessary. A fair and competitive price.

What you need to Know about voiceover

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Who i am

BOB Wood

RANGE: 40-70: commercial voice, narrator, dialogue, spokesperson

Uniquely warm, friendly, casual, smooth, easygoing, sincere, believable and empathetic voiceover or voiceacting for your project. Matter-of-fact spokesperson. From solid announcing to disarming character.

Voiceovers – A believable, trustworthy pro who can make your script come alive.
Voice acting – The guy next door. From whimsical to serious.
Consultation – To help make your imaging most effective.
Creative writing – From scratch or as a touch-up, for your next commercial, narration or promo.
Complete production – Your spot or project fully produced with music and effects, ready to air or go online. (An extra charge applies.)

Representative Experience

Kraft foods, Disney, Baskin-Robbins, Bush’s Baked Beans, Marco Pollo, Epson, Scott and White, Pulte Homes, Sun City, 1st Care, Wisconsin Credit Union, Texas Association Home Care; St. Luke’s Hospital, TxTag, WhiteGlove, thousands more.

Lexus, University of Dayton, St. Mary’s University, Park City Utah, Harcourt, QD Solutions, Atek Plastics, Internet Marketing Advisors, The Comstar Network, Boston Medical Center, World Health Organization, f5; many more.

TV and radio station imaging and promo work:
WIVB-TV Buffalo — KGTV San Diego — KCBS-TV Los Angeles — FOX Network Los Angeles — Series promotion and trailers, Los Angeles — KFMK RADIO Houston — KJZI RADIO Minneapolis — WBOB RADIO Minneapolis — KQQL RADIO Minneapolis — WBEN Radio Buffalo — CJFM Radio Montreal — WEZG Radio Syracuse — EZ101 Radio Philadelphia — WMGK Radio Philadelphia — WNSS Radio Syracuse — KZCC Radio Eureka — WBHC Radio Hilton Head — WGHB Radio Hilton Head — WHAS Louisville

Hire the voice that disarms with empathy, that speaks one on one TO the listeners, not AT them

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